Clarisse Martins Machado, PhD


Prof. Dra. Clarisse Martins Machado

(Machado, C. M)

The main fields of expertise of Dr. Clarisse M. Machado include transplant infectious diseases (TID), vaccination of transplant recipients, and the development of diagnostic techniques to support transplantation programs.

Currently, Dr. Machado is a senior investigator at the Virology Laboratory of the Institute of Tropical Medicine, University of São Paulo (IMT-FMUSP) and at the Instituto Israelita de Ensino e Pesquisa of the Hospital Albert Einstein (São Paulo). She is also the TID doctor of the Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant (HSCT) program at Amaral Carvalho Foundation in Jahu, SP.

Dr. Machado was the President of the Transplant Infectious Diseases, a section of The Transplantation Society (TID-TTS) from 2017 to 2019, and currently she is the Past President of TID-TTS (2019-2021).


  • Quantiferon-CMV in the evaluation of CMV-immunity in pulmonary and stem cell transplant recipients. PI – Clarisse M. Machado (IMT-FMUSP).
  • Fetal mortality: challenges in knowledge and intervention. Coordinator of viral infections diagnosis. PI – Prof. Nelson Gouveia (IMT-FMUSP; Preventive Medicine Dep-FMUSP).
  • Hemodynamic patterns in pediatric patients with congenital cardiac septal defects: correlation with inflammatory markers and the unsuspected presence of respiratory viruses. Coordinator of respiratory virus diagnosis. PI – Prof. Antonio Augusto B. Lopes (IMT-FMUSP; INCOR-HC-FMUSP).
  • Immunogenicity and adverse events of yellow fever vaccine in HSCT recipients. PI – Clarisse M. Machado (IMT-FMUSP; HSCT program-HAC, Jaú).