DNA Sequencer

Multiuser sequencer IMT-USP/LIM-07

The laboratory of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Tropical features a sequencer program multi-user equipment provided by FAPESP (case No. 2009/53946-3).

This equipment was requested in order to provide researchers with HC-FMUSP complex access to sequencing and analysis technique of DNA fragments by capillary electrophoresis.



Dr. John Renato Pine Rebello

Laboratory of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Tropical-LIM 07



Institute of Tropical Medicine of the USP

Avenida Dr. Enéas Aguiar, 470 Building II, 2nd floor


ABI PRISM ® equipment 3500 Genetic Analyzer

This equipment performs the sequencing of DNA molecules through 8 capillaries, allows the simultaneous analysis of 8 samples and ability to read up to 6 samples by fluorescence. Has a capacity for analysis of two plates with 96 or 384 samples and read up to 850 bases per sample.



Sequencing of PCR products

Analysis of fragments


Procedures and Rules of use

1-Each user must prepare their sequencing reactions and provide the necessary reagents for capillary electrophoresis

2-the material for sequencing will be received only within the time established by the service and will be processed by scheduling order

3-you will need the schedule at least one week in advance

4-the results will be provided in the form of electronic files, saved only on CD

5-the analysis of the results is the responsibility of the user


Scheduling and technical information

The lab has a technician who is responsible for the operation of the equipment and the scheduling of races for scheduling and technical information concerning sequencing protocols and reagents required for completion of electrophoresis users should contact the responsible professional via e-mail: sequenciador.lim07@nullgmail.com