Materials Section


The Materials section has as its main objective to manage the continuous flow of consumables and supplies of goods.

This process covers the activities of acquisition, storage, distribution and control, in order to meet the expectations of the Institute.

The Materials section is composed of the areas of procurement, warehouse, and Equity contracts.


The shopping Sector activity planning, coordination and procurement and contracting services, complying with the guidelines of the University and to current legislation


The warehouse has how receive activity, store, and distribute the materials, in view of the legal and health regulations in force, to meet the requirements of control, integrity and safe conditions of use


The Asset management activity of the permanent assets acquired through donation or purchase


Responsible for the implementation and control of administrative contracts, management of outsourced services (cleaning, Concierge and surveillance)
Monitoring of services performed by external persons on the premises of the Institute and other issues of general interest of administration


Renata Katayama Manieri 3061-8654
Head of Section

Armando Cipriano de Lima (Heritage Support) 3061-8682
Administrative Technician

Phelipe Cesar Ignacio Mott (Purchases, Heritage) 3061-8654
Administrative Technician

David Santiago Fernandez (Warehouse, Contracts) 3061-8654
Administrative Technician


(11) 3061-8654 / (11)3061-8681 / (11)3061-8683